FBC Mobile App
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As a personal project, I tasked myself with designing an all-in-one mobile app for FBC Holdings that would merge their existing banking, insurance, and building society apps into one. The goal was to create a seamless and convenient experience for users, who would no longer have to switch between multiple apps to access their various accounts and services.

The Problem

For a user to access a different account, a user has to download another app specifically for that service. From the online research, users were complaining about how it was confusing and taking up space having 3 mobile apps from one bank.

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Moving away from multiple apps and creating one mobile app required strategic thinking, which will not clatter the app or confuse users even more.

  • User: Increase engagement and retention of users with mobile phones that have low storage.
  • Business: Grow user base by inclusive of users with mobile phones that has low storage.
  • Product: Maintain the look and feel for familiarity.
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The first step in the design process was to conduct research to understand the needs and behaviors of the target audience. This included reviewing industry benchmarks, analyzing competitors’ apps, and conducting mini-user interviews.

Through the research, I learned that users wanted an app that was easy to navigate, had a clean and modern design, and offered a variety of financial management tools. They also wanted the app to be secure and to provide alerts and notifications for important account activity.

Image of mobile phones mockup
Competitive Analysis

My competitive analysis was to find out how the competitors’ mobile apps are structured and if they offer the same functionality as what I had in mind.

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Based on the research, I brainstormed and sketched ideas for the app. I created low-fidelity wireframes to explore different layouts and navigation options that would allow users to easily access their banking, insurance, and building society accounts and services.

Image of mobile wireframes
User Testing

To validate the design, I conducted user testing with a few participants. I asked users to complete various tasks on the prototype app, such as checking their account balance, paying a bill, and accessing insurance policies. I also asked them for their overall impressions of the app and gathered feedback on any areas that needed improvement.

How it works
Transactions Made Easy

Switching mobile apps to make a transaction is a hassle. I made it easy by putting the services on one interface and users can easily switch accounts with a click of a button. From signing up they go straight to the accounts page.

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I added the sidebar menu because of two reasons, the current apps have a sidebar menu which I felt to leave there since users were more familiar with it and the other reason was to reduce clatter, so I figured it’s better to have separate pages.

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Settings and Support

In the current system, users navigate through the sidebar if they have queries and want to consult the support team. It can be time-consuming when for instance a user wants to report or block their account when information is stolen. So having the support tab on the navigation bar was convenient.

Mobile image mockups

The FBC All-In-One Mobile App was well-received by the users I tested the app with, who appreciated the convenience of having all of their financial accounts and services in one place. I was proud to have designed an app that made it easier for people to manage their finances on the go.

*This was a personal project.