This was a personal project for FBC Holdings Limited (FBCH), an Investment holding company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. This was to improve my skillset and the FBC mobile app.


  • Interface & User Experience.
  • User Research.
  • Prototyping.
  • Usability Testing.


  • Papers.
  • Miro.
  • Adobe XD.
  • Adobe Illustrator.


The FBC App is a mobile banking app. This was a redesign of the existing FBC mobile banking application for one of the biggest banks in Zimbabwe. FBC has three apps on app store which cater for three different sections of the bank, Banking, Building Society and Insurance. After a vast number of complaints, about how you have to download three different apps from one bank.


  • FBC has three different apps that cater for three different sections and according to an online research the users were complaining about, how they have to install 3 mobile apps for one bank.
  • Users were concerned about space in their phone, for having three apps.
  • Some users complaint the apps crush on their phones.
  • The app is never updated.
  • Compared to competitors’ apps, the app lacked a modern feel
  • Average rating on Appstore for FBC apps was 2 1/2.Target market comprises prospective and existing corporate clients (B2B) who transact on behalf of their employees and later on we serve these employees on retirement or their beneficiaries.
  • Best way to obtain information and quotes on products, and reduce cost of phone calls for users.
  • Too many options on the old Navigation bar, that were confusing to users when navigating through the website.
  • The information structure on the old website was confusing to new users.


  • The main focus was to merge all three mobile apps into one app, that caters for all divisions of the business.
  • Competitive analysis to bring the modern feel to the app and how other banks have approached these issues.
  • Improve the user interface of the mobile app.
  • One mobile will eliminate the space issue.

Design Process


Competitive Analysis

My competitive analysis was to find out how the competitors’ mobile apps are structured and if they offer the same functionality as to what I had in mind.

Empathy Map

Had to create an empathy map from the data I had recorded of 2 users.



I first created a Hi-Fi wireframe to see the scope of the functionality of my design.


After altering some changes to the wireframes, I had to create a prototype and perform a usability test.

  • Login page with username & password input. I removed some information that was on the login page and added it inside the app.
  • The accounts page was tricky but i managed to fit all the divisions/ accounts for easy access and users could navigate through accounts with a click of a button.
  • Pressing the home icon will open a slider menu with more options to choose from, for easy access.
  • The settings page was simple which was an upgrade from the current app’s settings page and users can manage their accounts from here.
  • Transactions are done on a separate page dedicated to transactions only , for a user to be able to focus on their transactions without any distractions. With option of internal and external transfers.
  • A minimalist currency calculator and an exchange rate.
  • Support icon is where customers get all the help, I included different forms of communication, to give users options to pick their choice of communication. With quick links for transactions and lost/stolen card. These also an option for frequently asked questions.
  • Users will also be able to access a mini statement for their transactions.


  • I am mostly proud of this project because of the feedback I got from users after conducting my usability tests.
  • The biggest accomplishment here was figuring how to merge three apps into one without clutter, and judging from how users were interacting with the prototype, it showed i had managed to fix a problem users were complaining about.